Song Of The Day Themes

Just a quick post here. Starting Monday the 13th of January, Song Of The Day themes!

I will defintley be writing more very soon. I have some articles written and more ideas. But for now, the daily SOTD posts are the hot commodity on Rockin’ Entertainment. If you are following along with the songs I thank you for tuning in and listening to the music. I am trying to post a new artist for each day, and I’ll see how long I can go without repeating an artist or band.

To enhance the SOTD posts I am going to try and do a themed schedule for the posts. The idea I have for that is this…

Monday- Metal Monday. Pretty simple. Monday’s will be a post with a heavy metal song.

Tuesday- Two for Tuesday. Two songs from the same artist.

Wednesday- Wild Wednesday. On Wednesday’s I will post simply whatever I want. It can be any genre, any artist, and so on.

Thursday- Deep Track Thursday. Thursday’s will be for deep tracks or lesser known songs from my favorite bands and artists.

Friday- Frenzy Friday. I am going to give you three songs on Friday’s. My idea is to give you a song for your morning, afternoon, and night.

Saturday- Sing Along Saturday. For these posts, I am going to try and post very popular songs. Songs that people can sing along to.

Sunday- Sunday Bloody Sunday. Even though I am not a u2 fan, I had to use their song title for my Sunday theme. Sunday’s suck. We all know that. This post will be something that can hopefully help your Sunday scaries.

Stay tuned for more content to come!

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