Houston Astros Cheating Scandal (and some words about the Mets)

This scandal with the Houston Astros cheating during the 2017 season is playing a huge role across the MLB. It started when Mike Fiers, a one time Astro pitcher, came out and admitted the team would cheat during games. Stealing signs is part of the game, but not when you go the extra mile and do things that nobody has ever done before. 

Credit to Jomboy Media. This guy is awesome at what he does with his baseball content.

To give you a summary of this story, like I said it started with Mike Fiers. Then, some video and audio evidence came out from 2017 home games in Houston. This audio evidence was a faint banging of a garbage can or audible noise the batter at the plate can hear from the dugout. I will add videos and pictures in this blog, as well. When this audio evidence started to roll out, people then started to realize the Astros have garbage cans in the dugout and the tunnel towards the clubhouse, with a monitor setup on a table. Sketchy stuff. INSERT PIC HERE.

Both pictures are from the tunnel inside the dugout. This picture is alleged to be where someone would sit with their monitor or laptop and hit the garbage when they knew the pitch.

So, getting back to the scandal, the MLB ended up investigating this issue. The penalties and consequences are still taking place each day it feels like. It started with the Astros. The MLB suspended manager for the club, A.J. Hinch, for one full year, and same went for General Manager Jeff Luhnow. Turns out the owner for Houston ended up just firing them both anyway. 

Alex Cora

After this, another manager was fired, but not for Houston. It was current Red Sox manager Alex Cora. He was actually the bench coach for Houston during this time. He then went to Boston to take on the managerial job starting in 2018. Before the MLB was able to suspend him or give him a penalty, the Sox ownership went ahead and parted ways with their manager. 

So, this brings us to the most controversial topic in all of this, in my opinion. Obviously since I am a Mets fan and also a big fan of Carlos Beltran, I am going to be a little biased here. The news broke today, the 16th, that he would be stepping down as manager of the New York Mets. If you didn’t know that he was the Mets manager, I don’t blame you. He was just hired this offseason to be the 23rd Mets manager in their franchises history.

What is interesting about this is that he was only a player for the Astros. He wasn’t part of the cheating going on in the dugout, he wasn’t a coach, he wasn’t in the front office. No. He was a player. And he was 40. He hit .231. He obviously was hard of hearing since apparently he couldn’t hear the loud noises coming from the dugout when a certain pitch was coming. A Lot of people are forgetting to mention this. Yes he was on the team when this was happening, sure. But why was he placed in this shitty situation to have to step down?

Also, here is another important topic to speak about briefly. This may or may not ruin the chance for Beltran to get consideration for the MLB Hall of Fame. He is someone that might be a clear cut first ballot hall of famer, but this might not help. Being a part of this scandal in the long run is not going to help anyone’s case in and around baseball. 

I am questioning this move because I simply do not believe it. There have been reports for the last few days about him being fired. I think he was forced to step down just to make it look better for him, but at this point, what is the difference? We all know the connection, even though some of us might not agree with it but that’s how it goes these days. 

Carlos Beltran being introduced as new manager

To give you my take on the whole situation, it is messed up. Along with taking HGH and PEDs, cheating is right up there on worst ways to play America’s pastime. In a time of digital media and cameras every 4 feet, did they actually think they can get away with this? Well, in a way they did. They’ve won two World Series. The biggest question is should their 2017 World Series banner get taken away? My answer to that is ABSOLUTELY…………. NOT. 

No, I don’t think it should be taken away or whatever they want to do with it. What happened, happened. Barry Bonds hit 762 home runs. Should we wipe that away in the record books? No. The only thing we can do is hope it just never happens again. Bonds did it in the day where steroids were everywhere. The Astros did this in a day where cameras are everywhere and they did their best to blend in and get away with it. 

They risked everything and got a World Series. Good for them. If the Mets got a World Series win and all we had to deal with was losing the GM and Manager, sign me up for that. Well, also losing $5 million and future draft picks sucks, but that championship banner would be wonderful. 

I personally think Carlos Beltran should still be the manager of the Mets. They could have easily worked with him and we could have gotten past this. Why change everything so close to spring training. Now they have to get a new manager ASAP to start the preparation for the new season.

 Listening to the special coverage from SNY right now typing this, and I am really disgusted with the Mets and their way of handling this. One question came from a reporter and asked about Steve Cohen and his thoughts on this. Cohen owns a small part of the organization currently but in five years he will be the majority owner. Jeff Wilpon said that he and Brodie Van Wagenen talked to Beltran and made the decision to manually part ways and also let Fred Wilpon, his father, know about what was going on. Notice anything missing from that paraphrased sentence? No talk about Cohen. Nothing. Why is he not involved in any of this? I mean he might not want to be part of it but I think at this point he should be. Brodie, the GM, also states that none of this scandal was mentioned when the interviews were taking place. BUT, when Beltrans’ name came up in mentioning candidates, this topic was the main conversation starter for Beltran! Not his career as a player, not as a Yankees front office guy, or not even a rookie manager. The Astros cheating scandal has been backpage news since Beltran came out and said he wanted to manager for the Mets and ONLY for the Mets. It just seems like this Mets front office and ownership is never going to give us the fans the truth and only the truth. 

To keep this going, here is the statement from the Mets about this situation. 

Statement from the Mets organization

Honest and forthcoming? If he was honest and forthcoming, why couldn’t he stay with the team?

I am going to stop here. As you can tell, the Mets are my team and baseball is a huge part of my life. I love it more than my girlfr… nevermind. 

I can go on for pages and pages about this topic and also the Mets, but I will talk more about it in other blogs. 

Speaking about other content, I am trying to write more. I have been very busy with work and life stuff outside of work, I haven’t had much time to write long form blogs let alone even the SOTD posts. More stuff is coming soon, I promise. So much more content is coming, please stay tuned. 

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