Artist Of The Month- KISS

Alright, so this is the big day for Rockin’ Entertainment. This is the first Artist of the Month post! If you are unfamiliar with this concept, I will explain. Each month I am going to feature a band or artist on my site. This will force me to write more because I will be reviewing a new album each week. Basically, I will give you MY overview of the band or artist. This will not be from Wikipedia, Google, websites, or other blogs. None of that. I am going to give you a summary or overview of that specific artist and give you stuff I think you should know. I won’t go too in depth with certain topics because nobody wants to stare at their computer or phone reading things you probably already know or don’t care about.
So, with that said, the first Rockin’ Entertainment is none other than the hottest band in the world… KISS!

If you know anything about me, KISS is my all time favorite band. Nobody will ever take their place as my favorite band. They will forever be my favorite of all time for so many reasons. There are definitely a lot of reasons why people do not like them, and I tend to agree with those people. But, they have such a deeper connection with my life that I will never ignore or forget. Growing up, KISS was always a band I listened to. I had KISS shirts, hats, toys, action figures, posters, lunch boxes, KISS mini cars, KISSOpoly, KISS Bingo, and the list goes on. Can you believe they even have KISS condoms?? Anyway….

KISS to me is such an amazing band all around. Their stage performances are obviously the biggest reason why their success is what it is. When they first came together; Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter, all agreed that they wanted to put on a show that they themselves would also want to see. They wanted the fireworks, explosions, smoke, and everything else we still see today in their live shows. KISS was huge in the 70s and nobody could deny their fame. Even with little to no radio air time they were still one of the biggest bands around.

Meeting current drummer Eric Singer at a KISS Expo

So, what I want to do with this blog is to give you just a brief synopsis of why they are my favorite band and why they are the first AOTM. I grew up listening to KISS all the time. When I say “all the time,” I mean literally every day. I had KISS on and cranked up to 11 since I can remember. The first KISS CD I remember listening to the most was actually the 1996 Greatest Hits album. Two awesome songs that were on this album were Two Sides of the Coin and Flaming Youth. When you think KISS, you don’t think of these two songs, but these were songs I listened to a lot. I also have my record collection and I have bought several Kiss records like Hotter Than Hell, Dressed to Kill, Dynasty, and so on. My dad already owned the first KISS record, Lick It Up, Creatures of the Night, and a few others. Most of my streaming playlists have always included KISS. I do not know a time in my 22 years of life when I did not listen to KISS.

Meeting Gene Simmons at a tattoo convention

Without going too much in depth with history and nonsense we as fans already know about KISS, I want to just get the ball rolling on this month of content for the AOTM feutring KISS. I will most likely put out more content about the bands history and things like that, but for now I wanted to keep it breif and add in some pictures. For the month of February, each week will feature an album of the week. This will be a post about a KISS album and I will write out each song and add in some videos about the music. I will do my top five best KISS albums, in my opinion of course.

First KISS concert from 2003

I will be honest with you, the reader of this post. I wrote the first three paragraphs of this while at work about a week before this posted. I am writing this the night before it was supposed to come out. With the Super Bowl and just being busy, it was tough to really do a full out post about KISS the way I intended it to be. BUT… I did see KISS over the weekend in Manchester New Hampshire and I will be posting a concert review this week. So this will allow me to talk more about the band, and also with the album reviews, as well.

Me dressed up as Ace Frehley for Halloween, wish I knew what year this was but the picture is good enough

Please stay tuned and stick around for more content on KISS if you are interested. I will be teasing the March AOTM in the coming weeks as this content comes to life.

If you have Spotify I recommend you check out my personal KISS Greatest Hits playlist.

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