State of the Union Nonsense (or maybe not…)

Alright… So I will be honest…

I just wrote about 500 words on politics, media, today’s society, and so on… I had to delete it because of the chance a potential employer or someone I don’t want sees it. You know why that scares me? Well…

The first amendment generally goes with government not being able to step in on something you say, which is freedom of speech and freedom of press in my case. Now, I am not picking any sides. Nobody truly knows my actual beliefs on sensitive topics other than my girlfriend. Shit, some days, I don’t even know my own beliefs on all of the nonsense that gets talked about on the news. But even when I write out a solid blog about why I think political media, and politics in general is a joke, someone will still take that a certain way and maybe not want to check out my website, or maybe not call me for a job interview, and so on… you get it.

This is part of the reason why I think we are living in a very scary society currently. I have a small blog with single digits viewers each day. Someone like me should not be afraid of what I am saying or doing. ANYTHING, whether it is from years ago or deleted can come back to haunt you some day down the road. We have seen it with countless celebrities, politicians, actors, etc…

Watching the State of the Union just got me thinking and made me want to write about it. But, since people are so damn sensitive, I have to bite me tongue/cut my finger tips off and not say anything.

For now, I will get back to doing an album review of the KISS debut album.

Have a great night America.

One comment

  1. His speech made me feel like I was watching one of his rallys. He acknowledged a lot of people which was cool. But it was lacking what he has planned for this year. He just talked about results. More of the same is what I got out of it. Working on more trade deals. Keeping the economy/unemployment where it is. Keep working on getting more manufacturing plants to come back and set up work here again.
    I think we are going to hear more about what he has planned during his re-election campaign


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