SOTD #39 Throwback Thursday

Hello again folks.

I have taken a few days off from the SOTD. Just have had some stress related issues that has really taken over a lot of my free time for the blog. Also, just not fully satisfied with the SOTD posts currently and I am trying to think of new ideas to spice it up to make it more entertaining for you the viewer, and also more fun for me to do them on a daily basis.

The themes are tough. It is hard to stick to those themes and then also try not to repeat artists. I am finding that I am doing some posts just to correlate with the themes, but that is not what I initially intended these posts to be. I wanted these posts to be a song I heard during the day or was on my mind, and get it out on the site. But, with the themes, I am finding myself do certain songs and artists just to follow along with the themes and rules I made.

So anyway aside from the SOTD posts, I have not blogged as much as I wanted either. I have so many topics and stuff I want to write about but I just have not had the time. After my moving process is over and I am settled in my new home, I will be writing more I promise.

As to the KISS AOTM stuff, that is on the way. I started my concert review, and I have been thinking about the album reviews I want to do, as well.

So, like I’ve been saying since day one. I have so many plans, so many ideas, so many topics I want to write about. I just have to do it.

Here is the SOTD for Thursday February 13th 2020. Enjoy this Billy Joel classic, one of my favorites.

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