Artist Spotlight- Dirty Honey

I want to try this new series on my blog called Artist Spotlight. It is simple. I am just going to tell you about a band that I really love and think you should check out. I will not be going too in depth and give you a summary of their Wikipedia page. I will give you the important stuff, and most importantly, the friggin’ music that makes these bands awesome. Sometimes they will be obvious like KISS, Metallica, or Stone Temple Pilots. But for the first installment of this idea, I bring you… Dirty Honey.

I have been listening to Dirty Honey the past few days and wanted to share my thoughts on this young new rock band.

If you don’t know by now, I love rock n roll. I love classic rock, hard rock, metal, alternative, and just about anything with guitars, drums and a singer. Dirty Honey is a perfect example of that criteria. They are a newer band that is not even signed to a record label yet.

This band has some awesome tunes. They do not have a huge catalog as of right now, since they have only been around for three years. They have a six song EP and a single. I have already done a SOTD post for Rolling 7s on SOTD #8, so I will include their other songs in this post.

If you need new classic hard rock during the times when FM and XM play the same old shit every day, a band like Dirty Honey can help you.

And also, they did a killer cover of Last Child from Aerosmith. Here is that video.

I am going to try and do an Artist Spotlight post every Wednesday. I will also try to give you my favorite album and song from each artist on that specific post.

My favorite Dirty Honey song has to be Fire Away. The chorus is so powerful and the riff is amazing.

Hope you enjoyed the first installment of Artist Spotlight. Dirty Honey deserves some recognition from rock fans and also music fans in general.

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