Artist Spotlight- Van Halen

I have been listening to so much Van Halen recently and definitely wanted to give them a shoutout on this installment of Artist Spotlight!

I don’t know about you, but I love good ol’ fashion electric guitar, gritty bass grooves, hard hitting drum fills, and a flashy lead singer. That of course, is none other than the mighty Van Halen.

You can’t discuss Van Halen without talking about the Hagar years. Obviously they had amazing records and tunes, so it’s hard not to mention the Hagar era. I personally love the classic DLR Van Halen sound. Songs like Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love, Jump, Panama, and Beautiful Girls are just so killer. But, songs like Best Of Both Worlds, Right Now, and Finish What You Started are great, too. It’s really personal preference. A lot of Van Halen fans say the Hagar era was horrible and vice versa.

I want to focus on the band as a whole. I will add in some songs that I personally love but I am not going to give them in any specific order or list. I plan on doing a Van Halen Top 20 Songs in the near future so I don’t want to repeat myself in any way.

I will say though that the debut album from VH is their best by far. If you don’t know much of their material, give the first album a listen. In this first link, I added a YouTube playlist that has the full album.

Link to YouTube directly

Here are some other songs worth mentioning.

Here is my personal Van Halen playlist I made on Spotify.

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