KISS Top 20 Songs

This is my KISS Top 20 Songs blog! It is going to be only studio songs, so no live versions or demos. The top 20 means the best 20 songs from KISS and 20 being the worst out of the 20, 1 being the best of the 20. There is one honorable mention because it is hard to not mention KISS without the honarable mention song. I will post the music video if the song has a music video, or I will post a Youtube link to the song itself. Hope you enjoy the list and feel free to comment your opinions!

Basically, my list is the songs I would listen to the most. So, I obviously love more than 20 KISS songs, but these are the songs I can listen to over and over again for multiple reasons whether it be the lyrics, guitar riff, etc… These 20 KISS songs are songs that I think non KISS fans should try out and give a listen because these songs are great.

Honorable Mention- Rock And Roll All Nite

20. I Was Made For Lovin’ You

19. Saint And Sinner

18. I Just Wanna

17. Heaven’s On Fire

16. Makin’ Love

15. Young And Wasted

14. She

13. Parasite

12. Shout It Out Loud

11. Strutter

10. Calling Dr. Love

9. Deuce

8. I Stole Your Love

7. C’mon And Love Me

6. Cold Gin

5. 100,000 Years

4. Love Gun

3. Detroit Rock City

2. Let Me Go, Rock ‘N Roll

  1. Black Diamond

There you have it! The Top 20 best KISS songs in my opinion, of course. I have always thought Black Diamond was number one for so many reasons. The main reason is this song live is awesome. They have always had it near the end of the setlist and they bring out a lot of their pyro for this song and its solo at the end. Some songs that I had to leave out that just missed the cut were I Want You, God Gave RNR To You, and Lick It Up.

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