SOTD #89 The Return!

One of the reasons I wanted to do the SOTD is because I love bad ass music. I love to showcase music to people that might not either know some of it or have simply never heard it. AC/DC is one of the greatest rock bands of all time and this song will forever be a stadium classic.

Anyway, I want to explain a little why I took an extended break from posting on the site. One of the biggest reasons is because of what’s going on in the world right now. For me, it was and still is really depressing to see what is happening with the BLM stuff and also the virus. When the whole George Floyd thing happened I had to delete my twitter account because I was just seeing so much I didn’t want to see. Riots, looting, assaults, shootings… it was just too much for me to handle. I deleted the account because I just didn’t want to be on the site anymore. I also deleted my Facebook app on my phone and stayed away from that for about a month.

I just couldn’t really come around to posting anything while there was just so much attention going to world issues.

To end this explanation with something that involves me more, I am doing this site for many reasons like I explained when I started it. The biggest reason was to put this on my resume. The jobs I am looking for are always looking for real experience in this field. The other reason was because like I said, I wanted to showcase some good music to family and friends. The problem with this is that not all of my family and friends necessarily care about my site. Which is fine and great and all, but also it does not help the motivation to keep up the posting. Some of my closest friends do not even know or look at my site. It is obviously not Barstool Sports or “insert your favorite blog here”, but it is something that pops up on your Facebook feed that you should want to click on.

I don’t exactly know how to get those people to visit the site every day like I imagined just yet. I am still improving on ideas and everyday content. I am still fairly new to running the site, marketing, and publishing content all at once.

I of course appreciate the few folks who have checked out the site during this first year. I have some exciting ideas that I have written down and plan on doing. One of those ideas is Vinyl Record post. You can learn more about that soon when I post about it.

For now, I do have some featured blogs I want to write with some interesting topics. Also with some sports coming back, especially baseball, I will for sure talk about my beloved New York Mets. I always try to make every single post entertaining for anyone who knows me or anyone who stumbles across the site. Even if it is a SOTD song you might not like, I might say something about that artist that will interest you or something that you might not have known before today.

Anyway, let us get back on track. For now on, my SOTD posts will publish at noon every day. Also, if you have any ideas and or requests for certain artists and songs, let me know. You can message me on Facebook @RockinMSE or just text/call me if you know me personally.

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